Back To Work

A new beer arrives and we all get back from holiday…

As the barometer steadily rises we get stuck back into work and we’re bringing a new beer keg behind the bar.

The team has returned to work!

It’s business as usual here as we all crack back on with our duties. The drive back from Bowland was one that we’re not going to forget about for a while – something that you don’t usually say about the journey back from a holiday. We had all struggled to get back on our feet after ‘just a few pints’ had (inevitably) turned into a heavy drinking session. Although the drive should have only taken a couple of hours, the road back was certainly not as smooth as it was on the way there.

The last thing we needed driving back home from holiday was driving rain and gale force wind – but that’s what we got. As we crawled our way back to The Greyhound we all found ourselves dreaming of past holidays which were, surprisingly, all a long way from our current miserable conditions. The minibus soon became a sounding board for all of our favourite holidays: villas in south France, camping in Mexico and hunting lodges in Scotland were amongst just a few of the highlights. Before we knew it the journey was done and we were back to work!