Foodie Nights, World Cup Sweeps & More…

There’s plenty going on at The Greyhound in the next few weeks…

Since the weather’s started cheering up we’ve been busying ourselves planning some fun events and competitions that should go along way to keeping our regulars entertained throughout the upcoming summer season.

We’ve always thought that pubs should be much more than places to drink beer and eat, that’s why we’ve massively re-hauled our social calendar for the next few months with the intention of changing The Greyhound from a standard boozer into a vibrant social hub that should stand tall at the centre of our community. With that in mind, our team has been busy planning and preparing for the future with the hope of potentially making some of these events a regular occurrence.

Pop in for a chat if you fancy taking part in any of these and we’ll be glad to sign you up:

Foodie Nights

Our chefs are always looking for an excuse to share their passion for food with, so we thought we’d give them a platform to shout from. Over the next few months each one of our talented chefs will be taking over the backroom of our pub for a 2-hour foodie extravaganza. For those looking for a high-brow experience we’ll be running a Cheese & Wine Tasting offering a pairing with each of the spectacular cheeses that we’re currently featuring on our cheese board. In the following weeks you can look forward to a Curry Night and a showcase of some fantastic local produce.

World Cup Sweeps

You don’t have to be football crazy to know that another World Cup will be taking over our screens in a couple of months time. As ever, the mood in the pub has been apathetic, bordering on pessimistic in regards to England’s chance of actually winning the competition, so we thought we’d try and get everyone a bit more invested by sorting out a sweepstake competition. There’ll be 32 teams to pick out of a hat and a limit of one team per person. Entry is a fiver per person, so there’ll be a jackpot of £160 up for grabs by the time the final winds around on the 15th July.

Open Mic Nights

Finally, we’re looking forward to getting some live music in the pub. Although we know the chefs are eager to get a gig sorted for their Queen tribute band, we thought we’d give them a few more months practice and give the general public (that’s you!) a chance to prove themselves on our brand new stage. We’ll be welcoming performers from all backgrounds to jump on our stage, it doesn’t matter what instrument you play or what kind of music you play – we want to hear you!

Please feel free to send us a message on the Contact page should you be interested in taking part in any of the above.