June Brings A New Beer and Tasty Food

Summer always has a way of sneaking up on you…

Although it might just feel like a couple of months since we were all shivering in our boots, we’re certainly not shivering anymore!

It’s been getting warmer and warmer since we got back from our little trip away and we’ve all been busier as a result. Pubs provide the kind of respite and comfort that is so vital to the British weather. During the biting Winter, when the wind cuts right through a man, they provide a warm cosy place to find refuge in and during the long summer they’re a perfect place to while away the blissful balmy evenings.

Although there are a couple of us here who love nothing more than a warming pint of Stout on a cold Winter’s day, I think we’re all united in our love for a refreshing pint of IPA during the Summer. We happen to believe that there’s nothing better than a decent pint of ale, a platter of complementary pub grub and good company on a Summer’s day – so it’s a good thing that we all work in a pub!

We’ve spent the last few weeks prepping The Greyhound for the coming onslaught of the Summer peak season, as well as trying to watch as much of the World Cup as possible. At the moment it’s anyone’s guess as to who will be lifting the trophy in July – we might even see England take the title! In the mean time thought, we’ll just focus on bringing you some lovely new beer to try.

After the roaring success of last month’s beer, Tribute, we’re happy to reveal June’s beer…

Coming from a little further afield than Cornwall, this month’s beer is made by a company with considerably less years on the clock than St. Austell’s Brewery. Born in 1996, Three Floyds started out with a handful of junk-partsĀ and have since grown into one of America’s most celebrated independent breweries. Based in Munster, Indiana, this initially small team has slowly expanded over the last two decades, producing such a wide variety of inventive beverages that it has become truly impossible to pigeon hole them.

Take their Owd Engwish Barrel-Aged Barley Wine, this English-style wine is aged for a year in barrels from Kentucky’s Bourbon County, whilst their Space Station Middle Finger is a gloriously riotous golden American Pale Ale which is as vibrant in the mouth as you’d expect it to be. We’ve taken a bit of a risk with this shipment, as the beer is certainly a left-field choice that’s likely not to be to everyone’s taste, but we’re hoping that curiosity will get the better of most of our regulars.

Dreadnaught Indian Pale Ale is the intimidatingly named Imperial IPA that packs more than a considerable punch in terms of both ABV and hops. Weighing in at a strength of 9.5%, we wouldn’t recommend spending a whole evening drinking this, but it certainly makes for a good start to a session. We’ll have this on tap for the rest of the month or until it runs out, so get it whilst you can!

We’re all happy to be back to work and can’t wait to crack on with Summer!