Keeping Clean: Our Commitment to Hygiene

Cleanliness from the back of house all the way to the front.

We’re pretty proud of our reputation here and we believe its necessary to do whatever it takes to keep it.

Gone are the days of grimy pubs being the standard!

Some old geezers will argue that you can’t call your drinking establishment a pub until there’s a decent layer of grime over your windows and furniture. Then again, this ageing group of drinkers will also tell you that no boozer is complete without a ‘fruity’ in the corner, a broken jukebox and ash trays on all the tables. The pub industry has changed a great deal in the last few decades. As the number of independent pubs has began shrinking, landlords have been forced to assess their approach to the business and adapt to the demands that their new clientele have.

No longer can pubs get away with be being a little dirty in order to provide some ‘atmosphere’. A modern pub is now judged at the same hygiene standards as a Michelin-starred restaurant and if we’re given a low-rating then it serves as a red-flag to any new customers who are certain to think twice before taking a risk. We believe there’s no excuse for mess, especially when it threatens to ruin someone’s experience of our establishment, which is why we are committed to absolute cleanliness both front and back of house.

Health & Safety Refresher Course

Keeping a pub clean is no easy task: pints get spilled and messes get made everyday, but staying on top of hygiene is as much a psychological battle as a physical one. As much as cleanliness might seem like a pretty cut and dry standard, it’s surprising how wide an individual’s perspective on it can be. One person’s ‘spick and span’ might well be another person’s ‘filthy’, this is why we make sure to train all our staff on the meticulous standards that are required to keep a pub like ours in top drawer condition.

Every team member here, from our managers and bar keepers to our waiting staff and kitchen porters have been given the same high-level training across the board to ensure that, despite how we keep our own homes, The Grey Hound stays in an immaculate, hygienic state for all.

Deep-cleaning our ovens

Of course keeping a pub clean is about more than just scrubbing the decks and floors each night. Complete hygiene requires every nook, cranny and crevice of a pub to be kept clean which includes the ovens!

Its probably safe to say that our ovens are the most used piece of equipment that we have in the pub. Along with the deep-fat fryers they’re instrumental in the efficient and hygienic cooking of most of our meals so it’s obviously important that we keep them as clean as possible. As much as our chefs give everything in our kitchen a good go over each day of the week, they’re not the best oven cleaners in the world – which is why twice a year we call in the professionals.

Ovenu, our local oven cleaning gurus, have been seeing to our ovens for the last 4 years. We trust them implicitly to get our hard-worked ovens back to tip-top conditions, we know that they do a good job because our chefs have always got big smiles on their faces when they leave and, as we all know, a happy chef makes happy food!