New Noodles from Jess plus July’s Beer of the Month

Sip some history with a hot bowl of noodles this month…

We’re keeping this fresh this month with a summer bowl of goodness from one of our new starters paired with one of the UK’s oldest beers.

Who’s ready for noodles?

We’re dead proud of the work our chefs have put into this new dish and we know they can’t wait to serve it up for you.

The food we make here at The Greyhound pays tribute to the thousands of miles that our founder Charles Breakforth covered as a merchant trader in the 19th century. Like our founder, the chefs that we hire are cut from a different cloth. They’re innovative, adventurous and invariably a little mad, but they’re all joined together by their love for travelling. Although we’re proud to have served some of our dishes for upwards of 10 years now, we know there’s always room for improvement, so every month we ask our chefs to dream up a new dish that champions an exotic ingredient or puts a cunning twist on a classic.

This month our new starter Jess has been guided through the creation process by head chef Rory to produce a new dish that should put a smile on the face of any backpacker who’s visited South East Asia. Jess and Rory’s Sweet & Sticky Pad Thai takes everything that’s great about this classic noodle dish and add a deliciously carnal twist to the proceedings that makes this bowl impossible to resist. We’ll let Jess explain further:

“When I was travelling through Thailand last year I became totally addicted to Pad Thai. I’d never been that adventurous with my food choices before, mostly sticking to British and French classics when I cook, so watching the amazing Thai chefs out there I was blown away by how quickly these fantastic dishes could be smashed out. By the end of my trip I’d enrolled in a course of lessons in Thai cookery so that I could keep feeding my new habit when I got back home.

Rory helped me develop this dish into something more than just a standard Pad Thai. Instead of stir-frying all the ingredients together, we prepare the chicken separately. Thigh meat is stripped from the bone, sliced and then soaked over night in a super sticky marinade. We fire this chicken over our charcoal grill and stack them on the bowl of noodles at the pass: a BBQ twist on a Thai classic and hopefully something Charles would approve of!

July’s Beer of the Month…

A little longer than the tooth than most, but certainly a brew to still pay attention to, Bishops Finger Kentish Strong Ale happens to be one of the oldest brews in the UK from Britain’s oldest brewer. Whilst there are an endless tide of new beers and craft brewers cropping up in the UK every week, we though it would be a good idea to devote a tap this month to a beer that wouldn’t have been much different to what our founder would have quaffed. Officially founded in 1698, there is evidence to suggest that Shepherd Neames (as it’s been known since 1864) has been operating a good deal longer.

Bishops Finger was the first beer developed by the venerable brewers after malt rationing was eased in the UK which allowed them to make it their strongest yet. Thanks to the local water, hops and barley that have been used to make it since 1958, Bishop’s Finger EU Protected Geographical Indication. This is a quintessentially British beer that delivers on a roasty toffee sweetness whilst still packing a bitter fruity after-punch.

We’ll be keeping this popular ale on tap until the end of the month, so why not come down and sip a pint or two with us?