Our History

The Greyhound Inn is a historical pub settled inside the old walls of one England’s oldest settlements.

Visit us for the traditional atmosphere, stay for the food and drink.

The Greyhound Inn has been serving excellent ale and food for longer than any of us care to mention.

It all began with Charles…

Founded in 1895 by merchant trader Charles Breakforth, The Greyhound Inn’s iconic status has been granted over decades of careful service and respectful renovation, something that we hope ourĀ  founder would appreciate.

After spending his youth aboard trading vessels as a Ship’s Mate, Charles travelled the world seeing and sampling all manners of cuisine. Although life aboard a merchant ship was difficult for the initially homesick Charles (he was just 8 years old when he embarked on his first voyage) an industrious attitude and keen hunger for adventure soon saw him benefiting, both financially and professionally.

By the time he’d reached the age of 14 he had reached the rank of Midshipman, was generally respected by his fellow seamen and had accumulated enough wealth to support his ailing Mother at home and also invest in the various captains he had befriended along the way. Many of our visitors are surprised to hear that despite serving aboard seafaring vessels for the majority of his adult life, Charles drank rarely. Having witnessed the troubles that habitual drinking wrought upon generations of his fellow sailors, he had no thirst for ale but still appreciated the comforting charm of a well run inn.

For English sailors, especially ones as young as Charles, solace, comfort and a sense of home could be found in inns, especially ones run by fellow Englishmen who had chosen to settle themselves down on the far flung reaches of the world. Regardless of how many thousands of miles might have separated them from their towns back home, these sailors could find a slice of England in each one of these inns. Whether it was the traditional meat pies that the chefs slapped together in the heat of a Caribbean kitchen, or the familiar taste of a well-brewed English bitter that brought back memories of being back home; inns provided much needed respite and home comforts to young seafarers like Charles who were simply seeking a taste of home.

Considering the turbulent times that he lived in, as well as the unpredictable nature of his life at sea, Charles was lucky to be able to return to England with enough money to buy the land that The Greyhound Inn sits on today. He wanted to own an inn that provided the kind of homely atmosphere and quintessential Englishness that he found to be such a comfort whilst he was at sea. At the same time, Charles was eager to share the foreign cuisine that he had enjoyed so much whilst he we was captaining his own trading vessel.

We’ve honoured our founders legacy by striving to provide the kind of warm welcome that is expected of an English pub, whilst also serving a roaming menu that takes inspiration from all corners of the globe.

Check out our Chef’s Table posts for updates on the changes to our menus, our rotating Beers of the Month and for news on What’s Happening at The Greyhound.