Team Greyhound’s Bowland Adventure

Everyone needs a break once in a while and that includes us here at The Greyhound.

Holidays are important, they give us a chance to recharge our batteries and take a much-needed breather from our day-to-day lives.

5 years ago we organised our first ever Greyhound away day to London. It was boozy, raucous and expensive, but it also offered our team a chance to share a fun experience that was separate from their work lives. We’ve got no doubts whatsoever that our team came back from that first trip a closer bunch of friends than they were when they set out – which is why we’ve made it an annual event ever since.

This year we decided to take our team out into the wild expanse of the Forest of Bowland. With over 800 square kilometres of sprawling landscape to explore you’d thing we’d have spent our time hiking, however (surprise, surprise!) we spent more time nosing around some of the best pubs in the area and tasting some of the best local brews.

So, how did we settle on the Forest of Bowland as our destination this year?

It was a matter of serendipity, largely thanks to our Head Chef who was looking for┬ácaravans for sale in Yorkshire back in November 2017. Rory stumbled across Bowland Fell Park whilst he was hunting for a place to call home (some of the time at least) and although he decided against the purchase when he was viewing static homes there, he was still swept away by the sheer natural beauty that was on offer in the area. He came back from that weekend positively buzzing, showing us pictures and raving about the stellar pubs on offer. A week later we’d booked a stay at the Park and that lead us to a bright but brisk day in April…

Having offloaded our gear at Bowland Fell our first port of call was the venerable Bowland Brewery. Starting life as a microbrewery, the team here has quickly expanded with the business offering tours around their brewery at Holmes Mill and plenty of drinks at Bowland Beer Hall, their dedicated pub which serves beer from a staggering 42 hand pulls at a time. The Beer Hall and Brewery were soon established as key tourist attractions and have proved to be a real boon for the surrounding area.

We won’t spoil the details of the wonderful Brewery Tour, but suffice it to say that it left us all with more than a passing thirst for some ale. Although Rory and Tim were initially keen to tackle all 24 beers on offer, they both looked defeated after just 6 half pints, so much for being able to drink the young’uns under the table!

The whole team were a little shaky on their feet by the time we left Holmes Mills, so it was a good thing that our restaurant for the night was just around the corner. Clitheroe might seem like a strange place to open a Greek restaurant, but that’s exactly what the team behind Brizola have done. Despite only opening in 2017, this chic Bar & Grill has quickly drummed up a reputation for being one of the best places to eat and our own chefs were quick to agree.

After multiple plates of grilled meats, skewers and a truly delicious Beef Stamna we were all stuffed and more than ready to drop dead back at Bowland Fell.

It’s amazing how just one day away can bring a team together and we’re so glad that this year’s trip was yet another success!