For a country that was never a part of the British Empire, Sweden has a surprisingly large greyhound racing community. It should be noted, however, that greyhound racing in Sweden is a hobby rather than big business. There are no dogs living in racecourse kennels and few people make a living from the Swedish greyhound industry.

All races are arranged by local clubs, and there are usually no races during the winter season.

It is common for races to be open to all sighthounds, so don´t be surprised to see greyhounds competing with afghans, whippets, Salukis, and more.


Umbrella organisation

The umbrella organization for the greyhound racing clubs is Svenska Hundkapplöpningssportens Centralförbund (The Swedish Dogs Sports Federation).

Race schedules and race results are published on their site


There are ten dog race facilities registered with the Swedish Dogs Sports Federation. Only three of them have governmental permission for national betting and for having betting facilities on the premises.

These three-race facilities are:

  • Björkis Greyhound Park, located in Skellefteå in north-eastern Sweden
  • Borås Greyhound Park, located in Borås in south-western Sweden
  • Åkers Kanal Greyhound Park, located in Åkersberga, roughly 40 km north of Stockholm

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The start and end dates for the Swedish dog racing season depends on local weather conditions at the various racecourses. The season typically starts in April or May and continues until October or November.


The most common race distances in Sweden are 320 meters, 550 meters and 780 meters.

Major events

Example of notable Swedish dog racing events:

  • Svenska Mästerskapen – (The National Championship)
  • Svenska Mästerskapen för tikar – (The National Championship for female dogs)
  • Svenskt Derby – (Swedish Derby)
  • Veteranderby – (Veteran Derby)
  • Svenskt Avelslopp
  • Svenskt Uppfödningslopp
  • Breeders Oaks

Dog racing facilities in Sweden

Cimbria HK racecourse in Östra Tommarp, Simrishamn (southern Sweden)

This dog racing facility is located in Östra Tommartorp in the famous Österlen district of southern Sweden. This closest town is Simrishamn.

It is the home course of Cimbria Hundkapplöpningsklubb.

Borås Greyhound Park (7HS), Borås (south-western Sweden)

Borås Greyhound Park is located at the outskirts of the town Borås, off Riksväg 41 (National Highway 41). It is the home course for Sjuhäradbygdens Hundkapplöpningssällskap (7HS).

SDA-GHK racecourse, Alingsås (southern Sweden)

This facility is located in Mariedal Park, in the outskirts of the city Alingsås, in south-western Sweden.

It is the home course for the SDA-GHK dog racing club.

Bistabanan, Örebro (south-central Sweden)

Bistabanan is located in the city Örebro, and is kept jointly by two dog racing clubs: Örebro Hundkapplöpningsklubb (ÖHK) and Norrköpings Hundkapplöpningsklubb (NoHS). Norrköping is a city located a 1 hour and 45-minute drive from Örebro.

There is dog race track present in Norrköping too, which is used by both clubs. It´s used chiefly for training, as almost all the competitions are held at Bistabanan in Örebro instead. The race track in Norrköping is a 250-meter long straight turf track.

Västerås Hundkapp Hässlö (south-central Sweden)

You´ll find this racecourse near the airport in the Hässlö district. The closest town is Västerås.

It is the home course for the Västerås Hundkapp Hässlö dog racing club.

Åkers Kanal Greyhound Park, near Stockholm

Åkers Kanal Greyhound Park is located in the little town Åkersberga, roughly 40 km north of the Swedish capital Stockholm. The racecourse is a short walk from the railway station in Åkersberga.

Inagurated in the year 2000, this is the home course for Stockholms Hundkapplöpningssällskap (SHS).

Gästrike Hundkapp racecourse in Järbo (east-central Sweden)

Gästrike Hundkapp is found in Järbo in Gävelborg County, roughly 15 km north of the town Sandviken. It is the home racecourse for the Gästrike Hundkapplöpningssällskap.

Midlanda Hundkapp racecourse, Sundsvall (northern Sweden)

Midlanda Hundkapp is located near the Midlanda Airport outside Timrå. The closest city is Sundsvall, which is roughly 30 km south of the racecourse.

This is the home course of the Midlanda Hundkapp (MiKH).

Norrbottens Hundkapp race course, Älvsbyn (northern Sweden)

This one is located in the little town Älvsbyn in northern Sweden. The nearest larger city is Piteå, some 50 km south-east of Älvsbyn.

It is the home course of the Norrbottens Hundkapp dog racing club.

Björkis Greyhound Park, Skellefteå (north-eastern Sweden)

You´ll find Björkis Greyhound Park in the small Fällbäcken/Boviken community, roughly 6 km north-east of the town Skellefteå in north-eastern Sweden. Inaugurated in 2007, this is the home course for the Skellefteå Hundkapp dog racing club.